Wylie Associates were asked by the British Film Institute to put forward proposals for refurbishing their restaurant on the South Bank. The following is taken from our submission:

An exciting vision for the BFI on the South Bank - that is what we are looking for. A meeting place with a difference - a place to see, eat, drink and discuss new ideas. A place that will draw people to explore a new world of moving imagery - a Pandora’s box of visual delights.

The restaurant has tremendous potential to add a significant contribution to the atmosphere of the NFT and rejuvenation of the South Bank. As well as reawakening the public’s perception of the BFI and MOMI; the restaurant can act as critical link between them all. In today’s world, museums and archives are opening themselves up more and more to a public who can visit them via computers anywhere in the world. From our offices and homes we can visit the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, the Louver and many more sites. Rather than decreasing numbers of visitors, museum are undergoing a renaissance. A museum that houses the national archive of moving and still images is ideally suited to take this idea to its full potential.

The Proposal - A sense of place: We have created a new space forming a central gallery. Visitors will be able to see TV. monitors, posters and projected images on the free-standing screens. The intelligent restaurant: We propose that the new facility containing the restaurant, cafe and bar becomes an intelligent building offering a connection with the Internet, MOMI and in time the BFI archives enabling visitors to eat and drink in a relaxed atmosphere and, if they wish, explore the greater world of the Internet via on-site computers at their leisure.

A new canopy is raised at its centre to give a more dramatic sense of entrance to the BFI and MOMI. The sloping canopy raises to a gentle curve as it faces diagonally across to the river. This also helps to ‘reveal’ the cafe and restaurant to passers by whilst still offering cover for the diners. The new canopy will have images projected through it and onto it.