Our latest housing project in Dalmatia, Croatia, is on a very difficult site as it is on a steep slope and a very high density of housing is required.  The slope faces south.

We have taken advantage of the low winter sun to warm the fully-glazed circulation spaces (which have social 'solar spaces' attached) and these warm the fabric of the house through ducts within the fabric, releasing its energy gradually to maintain a comfortable temperature inside over night.

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In summer both the circulation spaces and roof fabric are protected with solar shades reducing the heat gain into the building.
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The houses have a wind device on the roof to assist the air circulation in the house and this is linked to the natural hot air system.
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The living rooms are located at the top of the house to take advantage of the wonderful views across the sea.  The house is accessed from the rear so that valuable frontage is not wasted and the bedrooms are placed on the lower floors where the buildings are cooler.
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The house are made of local stone and make references to traditional houses in the region.  The project therefore is a combination of the indigenous architecture of Dalmatia and simple but cutting-edge technology to deliver comfortable, energy-efficient architecture.