Wylie Associates' Virtual Office


In October 2000, Wylie Associates were short-listed for the 'Far Eastern International Digital Architecture Design Award'.  Below is the opening statement of our submission.
The Client:

Wylie Associates is its own client for this project.  A multi-disciplinary design office, we offer services through our divisions of architecture, communication and resource management.

Its architectural division , Wylie Architects, is a registered architectural practice with the Royal Institute of British Architects in the UK.

We set ourselves a program - to design an engaging, 3 dimensional environment for the digital world that demonstrates our approach to design in the communications age.

Project Description:

Wylie Associates explores building design concepts in both the real and virtual worlds seeking to exploit the opportunities offered by the digital world in the World Wide Web.

Our web site is our means of demonstrating our approach to a world audience.  Conceived as a virtual office, it offers an interface our visitors can identify with, allowing a set of complex ideas to be laid out clearly and imaginatively.

We set out to create a sense of space and movement through that space, at the same time using a level of technology that would be available to a wide range of visitors.  We therefore use simple technology - web pages with 2 dimensional images to represent the space.

It is not a static architecture - it evolves and adapts to our demands and the demands of our visitors.

Created as a digital 3 dimensional environment, these spaces are not designed to be built in the real world - they stand for what they are:  conceptual space for abstract ideas routed in the real world.  It is literally the architecture of the new economy.


The site concept, design and implementation was carried out by David Wylie RIBA FRSA, principal, Wylie Associates with guidance and advice from the many visitors to the site.