Thames Water, interested in exploring ideas for setting up an exhibition centre which would show the achievements of water treatment and supply, asked Wylie Architects to look at designing a visitor's hall within the pumping station at Kempton Park. The exhibition is to address water - its supply in the past and, more importantly, future developments in water supply technology.

Kempton Park, a grade 2* listed pumping station, is a magnificent hall built in 1928 to house what is reportedly the world's two largest triple expansion steam pumps. The hall measures approximately 130 feet long by 60 feet wide by 79 feet high to the eaves. The engines themselves are 62 feet high. Although the building appears in very good condition, it has not been used since 1980 when the pumps were decommissioned.

Above:  Our proposal for a temporary exhibition pavilion which would be 'dropped' into the lower machinery room.